The website MadaClim is a product of the BioSceneMada project. The objectives of MadaClim is to be an equivalent to WorldClim but focused on Madagascar. MadaClim provides a set of climate layers (grids) obtained from WorldClim and the CGIAR CCAFS climate data portal.

Climate data are available for current conditions (interpolations of observed data, representative of 1950-2000), future conditions: downscaled global climate model (GCM) data from CMIP5 (IPPC Fifth Assessment) and past conditions (downscaled global climate model output).

Layers have been reprojected (WGS 84 / UTM zone 38, epsg: 32738) and data resampled at 1km on an extent covering Madagascar (W: 298000, S: 7155000, E:1101000, N: 8683000). Additional climate or environmental layers are provided such as solar radiation, potential evapotranspiration from the Priestley-Taylor equation, climatic water deficit and number of dry months.